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Inspiration comes to me in SO many ways! Ah, life as a creative. I find it popping up with the rustling of the wind on our little mountain, a cotton candy sunset, or maybe the silence during snowfall. I’m all about taking in those moments. When I’m working with other boss babes and entrepreneurs, I find myself fully inspired by the passion behind your brand and completely translate that into gorgeous professional imagery for you. I’m a visual kinda girl and I love storytelling with my camera, whether it’s for your brand or your family. I spend a lot of time outdoors, adventuring with my family and our three pups. I love all the moments in life, big and small. Whether it’s a cold brew with Jake on the deck, a night out laughing with my girlfriends, or family adventures, I’m all in, and I’m all there…celebrating life and soaking in these moments! 

Just a few of the things I love

I'm Jasmine! I'm the girl with the camera. I'm a lifestyle and brand photographer, blogger, photography educator, wifey, & mama. i love celebrating life in big and small ways. I live in leggings and am fueled daily by Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee, hold the donut. Ok, maybe a donut. Fine, make it a glazed. 



I'm an optimistic go-getter "cheer you on" ninja! I'm passionate about empowering women to live out their dreams and go after the things they want in this life. I remember being in a place where I knew I was made for more than the 9-5 I was at. Soon after Jasmine Morgan Photography came along and a #bossbabe was born! Working with female entrepreneurs and photographing them in their element gives brings me such joy. Watching them transform before my eyes into an even more powerful bossbabe than they already are is incredible. Let me help you with your brand photography. Let's make your brand pop!

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I've found myself educating and connecting with others on so many levels in these past years. Whether it's about photography, life as an entrepreneur, or momlife! I love sharing photography advice on the blog along with other lifestyle areas. Hop on over to the blog to see what's new! 


My first love of photography, was photographing your adorable littles! As a mama myself, this is something that still resonates strongly with me. Check over the gallery section of the website to get an idea of our lifestyle & portait sessions for children & families.

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I love nothing more than getting the chance to connect face-to-face, and photograph you, your family, and watch your story unfold. If we are too far apart, no worries! Let's connect in other ways. 
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