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Private workshops are available as a 1 on 1 session, or can be booked with a friend or small group (maximum of 3 guests). These are mentoring sessions where we work together to go over and work through any areas you have questions on. Popular topics  have been  Lighting, Photographing Children, Lightroom & Photoshop, Starting a photography business, Mastering Manual Exposure. Private workshops are completely customizable.

Private workshops

Entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, social media ninjas, this is for you! We're living in a visual world and representing your personal brand with cohesive, professional images to use through social media, websites, etc. is so incredibly important. From unique headshots, to working in your office, studio, or unique location,  photographing your product, etc, we'll customize a photoshoot just for you. If you're ready to represent your brand with beautiful professional imagery, I'd love to chat more. :)

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My first love of photography, was photographing your adorable littles! As a mama myself, this is something that still resonates strongly with me. Check over the gallery section of the website to get an idea of our lifestyle & portait sessions for children & families.

Children & Family Sessions

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