Hey there, 2017!

Jan 22

Is it late to be saying that? I mean, it’s still January. I don’t think I’ve officially acknowledged the new year via social media, just yet. So hey there, 2017. I’ve got bright eyes looking at you. I haven’t posted much as of lately, or blogged much at all for several reasons. 1 Coming out of the busiest season of the year leaves me no time to blog and a deep deep need to have nothing on my schedule and to remember what it feels like to have time to fold laundry and cook real meals …  and the lack of posting is because I’m really enjoying my restful season, as I do each year. And every year at this time, I go into the longest speech to Jake about how last year was entirely too packed with too many sessions, leaving me drained, ruffled, and with a “what the hell just happened these last few months” kind of feeling.  And then I preach to myself that I refuse to overbook and schedule too many sessions, or sessions too close together in the new year… And every year I kinda end up doing the same thing I did the year before….overbook, take on too much…  But this year, Yes, this year I seriously, am serious about seriously being really serious about scheduling.  No ifs, no ands, no buts. Jake is literally the best “business partner” who isn’t really a business partner. We’re married, so that makes him my life partner in everything haha, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Although he does no actual work within my business (the man’s busy running a racetrack… and when he isn’t he’s home being the most incredible husband and daddy to our family) I love his attitude towards it.  While always being the most amazing support system I could ask for, he also has the most sound advice and crystal clear answers and recommendations when I am really needing them. This year I (with Jake’s help) created a really cut and dry schedule for myself. And I’m sticking with it. My planner literally forces me to, and I am beyond excited to see it play out. I need space to create and to grow. And I’m leaving more time for family, for hiking, for gardening, for reading, for traveling, for drinking a beer, for whatever the hell I want. Because this is the path I have chosen, to run my own business. And if I’m not benefiting from my own schedule, then I’m not doing it right. Reflecting on the insanity of late summer leading into the Christmas season, my shooting schedule gets so nuts! Any full-time photographer can tell you this..  And I did my best to really re-live how discombobulated it can feel while making my schedule this year. Why? So I don’t do it again! haha. If as a business owner, I’m successfully running my business, but eating far too much take out, slacking on getting my workouts in, and skipping out on family time..then I’m not really running my business successfully. I know what you’re thinking…. that’s life. But it doesn’t have to be.  I, just like you, have a choice. I have the choice to hustle and shoot and edit and email and hold workshops and mentor until I drop and can’t anymore.. or I can relish in life, enjoy our sweet Finn being 4, enjoy my amazing husband who is my rock & my best friend, cook dinner together, sit on our deck that overlooks the woods, and enjoy a cold beer, laugh as hard as I can with my girlfriends, and sit down. Sit down and read a book. Do things, all things, in moderation so as not to overwhelm myself or anyone in my family. Now don’t get me wrong. I already am doing all these things. I do everything. I try not to miss a beat. But while I’m doing it all, the inside of my brain often feels like a living room that an unattended 3 year old armed with legos, goldfish, and cupcakes decided to have their way with. Or maybe like one of those “Whack-a-Mole” games… constantly in heightened  mode of catching that next mole, or for me tackling that next to do item, with no rest in between.  So I’m not doing that anymore. I need space between sessions, I need order in my scheduling. I need to plan my work, and then work my plan. BALANCE. I work on it every year. Every year I get better at it. This year I’m going above and beyond to get that balance in check. Right now feels so good, so right. It’s a more restful season and far less demanding than when the warmer weather is here and sessions are at their peak. So we cook, and we rest, and we take winter walks through the woods, and we go to church, and we go out with friends, we take little vacations, and we read books, we shop together, we build pillow forts on the floor, we bake cookies and turn on the fire on chilly evenings. We watch snow flurries flutter across the big windows in the great room in the still, calm evenings. To have the time to enjoy the little things is incredible. And we all talk about it, about slowing down, but do we really? I’m making it happen this year. I really really am. That means something different for everyone. For me it’s simplifying life a bit, decluttering, and not saying yes to every single business opportunity that pops up. It means creating more space from one event to the next, and not feeling pressure to do more. Enjoying the time between sessions and projects in the best way possible.. with friends and family. I don’t want to leave this spot I’m in right now.. this peaceful, restful, adventurous season of spontaneity and utter happiness with my family and friends. So I’m moving into my 2017 season slow and steady and plan to keep that pace (as I already have it set up in my planner and schedule). Are you working on goals for this year? I don’t do resolutions anymore. But I do make a few goals that make real sense and put them into play at the start of a new year. I hope you’re enjoying this new year, so far! Keep your chin up, pal! You’re going to be amazing. 😉

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  1. Jazmine

    April 28th, 2017 at 10:21 AM

    We have the same name for real mine is jazmine Morgan

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