Hey, 2018! We’re ready for you!

Jan 4

Mannn, my last blog post was back in July! That’s about right though. Summer starts to get crazy with sessions, the racetrack, vacations, etc and I just don’t get a moment to blog about anything, and that’s ok. We’re usually out enjoying life. Fast forward to today, January 13, and the Christmas tree and decorations are down, Finn is back to school (he’s loving every minute of Kindergarten by the way), the house has been cleaned, and we’re creeping back into our routines. So January 2 has come and gone, and that’s the day that I always start taking bookings for the year and let it fill on a first come first served basis, each and every year. BUT this year is a little bit different, well a whole lot different, for the most wonderful reason possible. I know many of you are aware, ( but some of my regular clients are not) ….BUT,  we’re expecting our second little bundle of Joy this summer! EEEEEKK!! We are bursting with joy for a million reasons. I mean first and foremost… baby.. duh! .. but we’ve also been open to having another baby once Finn turned about 1 and a half or something like that. And he’s 5 now lol! But the Lord blessed us, finally, with another sweet babe on the way. The purpose of today is mostly to note that I’m going to be laying back from scheduling client sessions for some of 2018. I know.. crazy right? This is the time of year I usually start planning and creating new ideas, but I’ve gotta say, it feels amazing to know I’m going to slow up a bit this year, and have more time for being wifey & momma to the people who I love the most.   The emails have been rolling in about bookings, so I thought a blog post might help.  I don’t usually start shooting until April of each year, and this year I’ll be in my 3rd trimester at that point, and the racetrack is also in full swing by then, so I’m nixing the shooting at that time. Oh I can’t wait! Once our baby is here, I don’t plan to put anything on my schedule until I am completely ready and comfortable to jump back into it. I’m not taking a break from shooting per se, because as a photographer, well I find myself shooting all the time, every day, actually, whether it’s landscape, sky-scape, my family, something pretty, something meaningful, or just to document life. So you’ll still see me posting to Instagram and Facebook frequently, sharing recent work, etc.   So again, as for scheduled sessions for clients I’ll be taking a little break  (I might have a few things up my sleeve, so stay in touch! ) I may jump back into scheduled sessions towards the end of this year, maybe fall, maybe sooner, maybe later. I plan to truly just feel it out this time around. When I was pregnant with Finn, I didn’t know any better, and had a wedding scheduled to photograph 3 weeks after delivery, and jumped right into sessions after that. Total mistake for me. If you’re a momma, then you know what I mean! So I mentally prepared to take more time for myself if we were ever to get pregnant again. And that time is now!!! YIPPEE! I cannot wait for a million different reasons. I am so excited to have another little one in our home. Jake is the most incredible husband, best friend, and daddy. No exaggerations. The best. I’m so excited to see him be a daddy again. And Finn? Don’t even get me started. He’s been asking and begging for a brother or sister for at least two years now. He was completely ecstatic when we broke the news to him. We’re ready for you 2018!  I hope your New Year is off to an incredible start, whether you’re crushing those daily goals or just sliding into 2018 with a 2 day hangover and an XL coffee haha. No judgement zone over here. I’ll leave you with a few fun images of my family & I. Happy New Year, friends!


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