New Year! New Website!

Jan 31

So it’s a new Website! (again haha). Hold on, didn’t I just do this year last year?  Wait a minute…. don’t I do this every year? Yes. Yes, I do haha. This site, however, is for sure going to be around for more than a year haha. Sometimes I need a reminder to work ON my business and not just IN my business, and the new year always sets me up for that. So amongst a number of things that needed the yearly revamp, I knew I really wanted to tackle my website (again). I knew it would be long hours, investment, and brain power in the works … because you see it’s not JUST your site. Your website is kind of like the campfire your clients are going to come warm up to and discover who you are through.  It’s more than just a first impression. It’s where my clients first feel a connection to my brand and to myself. It showcases my purpose, the fire, and the soul of my business. Does that make sense? Is that too deep? lol… moving on. Coffee anyone? So, didn’t I just have this designed by a team of branding and web designers last Spring? Yep. True. I did. But do you ever get so wrapped up in a project, you can’t tell A from B, and you are just so ready to finish and you know everything is good, but you just aren’t sure if it’s great? But you’re tired, so you say yes, and figure you’ll tweak things later if need be. That was me last year. The branding and direction of my business was on point! I can’t stress that enough. The team I worked with was amazing. But I felt like my site just wasn’t 100% my vision and I started getting lost in the process. And so I figured I would alter it later… fast forward to the new year, 2017.. and I was ready to take what I learned from the branding process, and take another big ole stab at making my site EXACTLY what I wanted it to be except this time, on my own. I needed complete control (….again, not just a site….heart.. soul.. artist.. remember? lol). And with that being said… Completely New Website! Aaaaand it is amazeballs. Not an update, not a revamp. Started from scratch, did a million things and bam…after being in website hibernation for a little over a week … creating, editing, and lots of coffee.. it was finished.. Brand Spankin’ New Everything. YIPPEE!  So yea.. last Spring after my branding adventures, I thought it would be the end all…. The “Ok, now I’m finally set” moment…thinking I’d never need to do this stuff again.. Oh but was I wrong. It was really just the beginning of me stepping into the direction my business needed.. how crazy is that? I learned so many things I hadn’t anticipated learning. I learned that things I thought would work (like the logo they created for me), didn’t. I know…nuts. The logo was gorgeous, and hand drawn…And I think it was lust but not love haha. It looked gorgeous, but after some time the glitz faded and I needed my roots. At about 7 months down the road I found myself reverting back to my original logo, with a tiny update to it… and that felt like love again haha. I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t. It literally felt like coming home (yessss). (PS. Don’t bother fighting something that feels right in your gut.)  So that exact moment spoke volumes to me. I knew myself and my business more than I was giving myself credit for. So I’m feeling like I have grown a lot this past year, and I am feeling even more ME, more comfortable, more solid than I ever have with my business. It seemed like it took me going through the branding process last year, to really see that I knew who I was. Duh, I guess that might be part of the point? It was certainly a perk. It takes so many years to find your niche, to find your market, to find your business style, and to finally refine your business to take on what you specialize in, and to leave the rest of the business opportunities to the side. Each year you get closer, and each year we change, too. Those things have to all be taken into consideration. We make changes, we learn, we grow. Inspiration finds us when least expect it and we have to really be willing to reach up and grab that moment, or it will pass. Last year’s branding was such an amazing experience. But it’s really what you decide to do with it that matters. you have to grow into that frame work, and learn what works, what doesn’t. And know that you’re solid. It was a huge turning point for my business and helped put me in the right direction. But this year, I’m really seeing the growth and and transformation. I’m continuing to grow creatively and nestle into a spot that is comfortable, comfortable but with room to expand.  I have so much to say on this.. but it will have to wait for another time. For now, I’m enjoying the new website. I hope you will too! 😉

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