Jul 12

I’m often drawn to the idea of your “seasons of life”. I often think about it in reference to myself and my family… I find myself speculating over what season of life I’m in right now, and why I’m choosing to make the decisions that I am at this very moment in time. I personally came to a point (well I’ve come to this point many many times) in life, where I asked myself “Am I living for me? for my family? Am I doing what I want to do? Or am I “running in a race” so to speak. And that “running in a race” often referred to how much I was taking on with my business. Because once you start a family, “too much”, comes much quicker than it did when you were without a little one haha.  So I would ask, “Am I living each day? Am I enjoying each day?” All in all the answer has for the most part always been “Yes!” For the most part, I’ve always lived well. However, I haven’t always been rested and felt well. And I’ve been stretched far too thin more than I’d like, but overall things have always been great.  We’re spontaneous. We like to head out on adventures, get away, and equally if not more, enjoy the life & home we’ve built for ourselves. But now, more than ever, I am really feeling like I’ve shifted into where I really should be, right now in this particular season of life, where God wants me to be. Finn is transitioning from our little boy to a “big kid” as he calls it haha. Or maybe he’ll always be a little boy. Ok nevermind. Jake is 32 and a boy. So scratch that.. Finn will always be a boy. haha. But you know what I mean.. he’s getting bigger, going off to kindergarten this fall. I’m just really enjoying the opportunity we have on a daily basis. We live in a free country and can pick up and for the most part, do what we want. You work to make it happen in one way or another, which is the most amazing part. You can make it happen once you stop making excuses and decide on it. I’ve scheduled far less this year with my photography business by being strategic about it. The racetrack is always moving at full force, but choosing to take on less clients than I normally do in a year’s span has given me an awakening… a life awakening. And it feels incredible. I’ve probably spoken that, typed that, and thought that 750 times this year. But I feel like I’m finally getting it. And when it feels right. You can’t help but say “man this feels right.” How does that expression go? “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ? Something like that….I had to be drastic in my plans this year. Thinking this is too drastic of a change, but I’ll try it. Turns out, it was (FINALLY) exactly what I wanted, and in turn, what I needed for my business and my life. And oddly the shooting for the moon part wasn’t working harder and longer hours and taking on more clients, but the exact opposite. Taking on less in my business in a strategic manner, putting in less hours of shooting and editing, and more hours of loving & nourishing my home and family and living my life. I’m still shooting on a regular basis. But I’ve chosen to do less and taken on less. All of this is God’s plan. Everything is growth in one way or another. We grow from one season of life to the next. Sometimes we learn things the hard way, and sometimes that’s the best way. So if you’re wondering where I’ve been, what I’m up to, why I haven’t posted as much as usual. (I mean, I doubt you are, but just in case hahah)…  Well quite frankly, I’m over here summer-ing haha. Enjoying beach trips with my family and my friends, summer nights with campfires, pool water, warm breezes, and hot afternoons. Still shooting and editing sessions too, but with far more time left for living and loving. I hope you guys are taking time to enjoy your summer. I cherish each separate season and what it has to bring. Sometimes its a big exciting getaway, beach plans with friends and family, sometimes it’s quiet afternoons on the yard and deck listening to the breeze while Finn and Jake take a nap. I’ve always learned to embrace beauty big and small, but it comes  in so many more forms and so much more frequently when you open your ears and eyes to it. Make time to enjoy this summer, in fun and exciting or slow and relaxing ways… whether it’s on the weekend, or on the evening after work, or early mornings. Each day is worthy of laughter, love, and truly embracing where it brings you next.

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