The Winter I Kept for Myself

Mar 13

Snowstorm’s coming ya’ll! Grab the essentials before your local grocery store runs dry haha.  I am totally one of those people. Cracks Jake up every single time. But when you live in a secluded area on a little mountain there is definitely a bit of prep involved before a big storm. We plow our own property, so the plows gotta be ready to go. The generators get prepped, amongst other things I won’t bore you all with haha. And I go into a weird nesting mode of cleaning and cooking.  Are you guys totally ready for Spring? Me too. But I actually enjoy the winter weather as it is and as it comes. One of my favorite sayings that a family member once told me is that “we don’t sweat the things we can’t control” and guess what pals, weather is one of those things! haha. Regardless, I actually enjoy the snow. I don’t waste energy whining about it. I love the gorgeous scenery, playing in the snow,  sleigh riding, the cozy evenings by the fire, hot cocoa and warm dinners with my family. So what’s happening over here besides snowstorm prep? I’ve been getting a few emails about winter indoor sessions and I wanted to put out a blog post as a reminder that I just don’t shoot indoors anymore. I am strictly an outdoor, natural light photographer, which means my first official sessions of the season will start when the sun is warmer and the snow is donezo. So also, guess what ya’ll? I am completely booked for the year. Happy and sad face all at the same time! I am ecstatic, of course! I opened my calendar for booking in mid January, and by February the year was booked. At the same time I continue to get inquiries from past clients and it breaks my heart to say no! It really does. Good news is that I’ve got a handful of great photographer friends who I can happily refer you to! Besides a lot of prep and brain work about upcoming spring/summer sessions, we’re also about to kick off our new season at the racetrack Jake & I run, Big Diamond Speedway. We are sooooo pumped! Cannot wait. Excited! Did I mention we are pumped? And it’s a whole lot of work to get the season kicked off successfully. Jake is the mastermind and muscles behind everything. His work ethic is impeccable when it comes to running  our track. So back to photography things… Why no indoor sessions? In the past I’ve always opened up my schedule for bookings throughout the winter. And this is the first winter I decided against it (besides my own personal projects). Roughly a year ago I decided I wasn’t going to do indoor sessions  anymore. For me, it just compromises my personal style and my brand. I love indoor photography, and have lots of photographer friends who rock them, but it’s just not for me.. unless it’s lifestyle and at home with my crazy loving family.  So in addition to that I wanted a cut and dry schedule this year. No shakey messes, no “well maybe I can do this or maybe I’ll add this in if it warms up early.” None of that!  That being said , the start to my season will be a little later than past years.. you know..  when it’s actually Spring outside haha. So at this very moment, I am working on me and taking time for myself & my family. Cooking, reading, photographing the things I love, adventuring with Jake & Finn, getting back into my healthy routines, and solidifying things that I won’t let slip out of hand this year once I start my sessions in the warmer weather. I am vowing it. (Ya live, ya learn). I’m so excited for the new season and the new areas I’m implementing, like one on one mentoring, and a few special touches on sessions. I am grateful that I won’t be rushing into shooting for clients before mother nature is ready for me haha. So for now it’s personal photographs of my family, little trips we take, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets from our home on the mountain. And I am totally loving it. So my words before this winter storm arrives, are “don’t sweat the things that are out of your control”.  Embrace it. Find something you can enjoy about it. That’ll do you more good than spending an ounce of energy complaining about it. We’re off to finish our storm prep! Stay warm, friends!

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